lutherie, guitar and violin maker

Bernard St Louis is a London based luthier who builds fabulous archtop, acoustic guitars and violins. We worked with Bernard to modernise his logo inspired by mother of pearl guitar headstock logo marquetry. We also photographed a range of these fine instruments to showcase the stunning craftsmanship and attention to detail. 

In addition to the brand identity project we have also been commissioned to capture life in the workshop and to document the design and build of various instruments.

Twenty 7 rounded off this stage of the project by creating templates for the new website design and various branded material for social media.

“I have known Alan for almost 20 years. Until engagement on this project, I was really unaware of his creativity, technical abilities and shear commitment to excellence in all aspects of his work. 

I have been truly astounded at his attention to detail and the quality of his work. I can and would like to unreservedly recommend Alan for this, and particularly, his interpersonal skill at sensitively eliciting form me my thoughts and ideas and translating these into a unique brand. 

Whatever the stage of your brand journey, be that a new or refreshed brand design, talk to Alan first.     

Exceptionally pleased client. 

Bernard St Louis”